Thursday, June 27, 2013

B443A Bandaged Cube

The B443A Bandaged Cube is a bandaged twisty puzzle in the shape of a cube. It has an inner strip of 2x2x1 blocks running through the middle of the cube. All other pieces are single cubies. To buy this puzzle, click here.

The Basic Plot

  1. Solve the centers.
  2. Reduce and place the edges.
  3. Place the corners.
Step 1: Solve Centers

There are two types of centers: four centers made up of two 2x2x1 blocks, and two centers made up of single cubies.

We solve the centers the same as we would for a 4x4x4. It's easier and harder. It's easier because we already have some 2x2x1 blocks done, so there's not much to do there. But it's harder because of the 2x2x1 blocks on the outer layers. This means that sometimes we need to move these blocks out of the way before we match up centers. This is done using edge piece series.

The whole process is simple, as this video will show.

Step 2: Reduce  and Place Edges

Once the centers are in place, we can then match each lone edge piece to its pair. Again, this is done just as we would for the 4x4x4.

Placing the edges is simple. As long as we make the top face one of the faces with single cubies for centers, we won't need to worry about having to swap two edges.

We can, however, still encounter our last edge in place but inverted.

Help! The Last Edge is Inverted!

We deal with this as we would on a 4x4x4 cube, with one important difference. On the 4x4x4, we first turn the bottom two slices one turn. Here, if we do that, we will end up rotating a face which cannot be rotated. So, we simply turn the inner lower slice, without turning the bottom slice. From there, the fix is the same. 

Step 4: Solve Corners

We solve the corners just as we would for the 4x4x4.

Help! Two Corners Need Swapping!

But it's possible to end up with only two corners needing to swap places. Again, this happens on the 4x4x4.

The fix for this is the same as for the 4x4x4.
  1. Turn the bottom half of the cube 180°.
  2. Take out the front middle edge and return it inverted, using EPS.
  3. Turn the whole cube 180°.
  4. Take out the front middle edge and return it inverted, using EPS.
  5. Turn the bottom half of the cube 180°.
  6. Finally, re-place the edges.
It's very straightforward, as we'll see in this video.

And that's it. Your 4x4x4 443A Bandaged Cube is now solved. I trust this site has been helpful. If you have any questions or want some clarifications, please use the comments to do so. To buy this puzzle, click here.

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  1. Nicely done. Very helpful. Love your solving method. Now I must own and have one of this Bandaged 443A into my cube collection. More is better than less !. Thank you. Cheers. Jasond2014